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Glossary of terms
Following glossary of terms is a list of all topics that are presented in this web site. Visitor can search this web site simply by looking up a topic from the glossary of terms. Each term is linked to a primary web page that best describes respective topic. For in depth search of a topic, both on this web site or on the world wide web visitors are advised to use the search command.
  • Active base
  • Adhesion, adhesion promoter
  • Ag, see silver
  • Air annealing, air fiering
  • Al, aluminum, aluminum deposition, aluminum etch, aluminum film, aluminum metallization, aluminum sputtering
  • AlN, Aluminum nitride metallized substrate
  • Al2O3, aluminum oxide, alumina
  • Alloying
  • Ammonium fluoride etching solution
  • Amorphous silicon, a:Si
  • Anisotropic etching
  • Annealing, nitrogen, air
  • Anodization solution
  • As, Arsenic implant, arsenic diffusion, arsenic doped silicon
  • Antimony, Antimony diffusion, Antimony implant, Sb implant, antimony doped silicon
  • Ar, argon sputter clean, sputter etch
  • Ashing
  • Au, Au-Ge, Au-In, Au-Si, Au-Sn
  • Avalanche Breakdown
  • Backlap and polish, backlaping
  • Barrel etch reactor, LFE
  • Base contact, base diffusion, base junction, base implant, base mask, base oxide, base resistance
  • Beam leads
  • Be, Beryllium, BeO, Beryllium Oxide
  • Bevel and stain epitaxial layer thickness measurement
  • BHF, bufferd hydrofluoric etching, BOE, bufferd oxide etch
  • Bipolar transistor, bipolar process, bipolar foundry, bipolar wafer, bipolar device, bipolar integrated circuit
  • Bird beak and bird crest
  • BJT, bipolar junction isolated transistors
  • Bonding pad, Bond pad
  • B, Boron implant, Boron doped oxide, Boron doped silicon
  • Bipolar process
  • Bipolar transistor, bipolar transistor doping profile, bipolar wafer foundry
  • Breakdown voltage, BVcbo, BVceo, BVebo, BVsd, BVgd
  • Bump, gold bump process, underbump metallization
  • Buried layer, buried collector
  • Capacitance, junction capacitance, parasitic capacitance
  • Carrier concentration
  • Capacitors, MOS, MNOS, MIS, MIM
  • CF4 plasma etch
  • Channel stop, ion implanted channel stopper, channel implant
  • Chemical etchants, chemical etch of metals, chemical etch of silicon, chemical etch of oxide
  • Chip, chip capacitor, chip inductor, chip resistor
  • Cleaning, diffusion cleaning, tube cleaning
  • Cl, Chlorine oxidation, plasma etch
  • Contract fabrication
  • Cr, Chromium sputter deposition, etch, masks
  • Certificate of conformance
  • Class 10 clean room, Class 10 laminar flow hood
  • CMOS, complimentary metal oxide semiconductor
  • Collector contact, collector diffusion, collector junction, collector implant, collector mask, collector oxide, collector resistance
  • Complimentary bipolar process, transistors
  • Complimentary bipolar process, Complimentary bipolar foundry, Complimentary bipolar wafer, Complimentary bipolar integrated circuit
  • Contacts to silicon, silicide, resistor film, contact etch, contact printing, contact resistance
  • Cu, copper film, copper deposition, copper electroplating, copper etch, copper sputtering, copper metallization
  • Copper displacement plating solution
  • CP-4, CP-6, CP-8 etchants, composition, etch rates
  • C-V measurement
  • CZ silicon, Czochralski grown silicon
  • DC Magnetron sputtering
  • Dehydration, Dehydration oven, dehydration treatment
  • Depletion mode transistors, depletion layer width
  • Deposition, deposition services
  • Deposited films, deposited metals, deposited nitride, deposited oxides, deposited silicon
  • Deposition rate, sputtering, PECVD, LPCVD, electroplating
  • Design
  • Device design, device manufacturing, device processing, device reliability
  • DI water, deionised water
  • Dielectrics, dielectric films, dielectric constant of materials
  • Diamond like film deposition
  • Dicing saw, wafers, ceramic, quartz
  • Die bonding, die attach, die atach eutectic
  • Dielectric constant of various common ceramic materials
  • Dielectric depositions, reactive sputtered dielectric deposition, PECVD dielectric deposition, spin on glass
  • Die
  • Dicing, see sawing
  • Diffused capacitors, diffused diodes, diffused junctions, diffused resistors
  • Diffusion, diffusion cleaning, diffusion layer, ion implanted source, lateral diffusion, open tube, diffusion doping profile
  • Diffusion furnace operating conditions, ramping rates,diffusion and oxidation
  • Diffusion tube, diffusion tube cleaning, diffusion cleaning, diffusion preclean
  • Diodes, diffused diodes, junction diodes, photo diodes, schottky diodes, zenner diodes doping profile
  • Discrete semiconductor components
  • DMOS
  • Doped Oxide, Doped polysilicon, silicon
  • Doping, vapor phase doping, in situ doping, ion implant doping
  • Doping profile of bipolar transistors, doping profile of diffused junctions
  • Dry oxidation of silicon, dry oxide
  • Electromigration
  • Electron mobility
  • Electroplating, electroplating solution
  • Ellipsometer
  • Emitter balasted transistor
  • Emitter diffusion, emitter push effect,emitter implant, emitter mask, emitter oxide, emitter resistance, emitter washout process
  • Enhancement mode transistors
  • Epi deposition, Epitaxy, epitaxial devices, epitaxial deposition, epitaxial layers, epitaxial layer thickness measurement
  • epitaxial layer pattern shift and pattern distorsion
  • Erfc diffusion, erfc profile
  • Etch, Etching, anisotropic, isotropic etching, etch profile
  • Etchants for oxide, nitride, metals
  • Etch rates for plasma etch, etch rates for wet etch, etch rate for sputter etch process
  • Eutectic, eutectic die attaching
  • Fe2O3, see iron oxide
  • Field effect transistor
  • Field implant, field oxide
  • Film, films, film deposition, film deposition conditions, sputtering, LPCVD, PECVD
  • Film properties of oxides, film properties of nitride
  • Fixed oxide charge
  • Float zone silicon
  • Fluorine gas plasma etch of Si, SiO2, Si3N4, metals
  • Four point probe measurement, 4pp instrument, 4pp measurements
  • Four-point probe methode
  • Fundamental constants
  • Furnace operating conditions, ramping rates and insertion rates
  • FZ, float zone silicon
  • Gain bandwidth product
  • Ga, Gallium, Gallium arsenide, GaAs, GaAs processing
  • Gas, Gases, gas plasma etch, gas supply, gas distribution, gas phse deposition
  • Gaussian diffusion profile
  • Gate, Gates, see MOS gates, Schottky gates
  • Germanium, Ge
  • Gettering, gettering of heavy metals via Chlorine oxidation
  • Glass substrates, glass deposition
  • Gold deposition, gold doping, gold films, gold etch, gold electroplating, gold diffusion, gold sputtering, gold alloying
  • Gold bump process
  • Grain boundary, Polysilicon grain boundary
  • Guard ring diffusion, guard ring implant, guard ring layout design
  • Hall effect, hall mobility, hall sensors
  • Halogen, halogen plasma etch, halogenic oxidation
  • Heavy doping
  • Hexamethyldisilizane, see HMDS
  • Heteroepitaxy
  • High resistivity silicon, FZ, float zone silicon
  • High resistivity water
  • High temperature annealing
  • Hillocks
  • Hole mobility
  • Horizontal reactor
  • Hot wall reactor
  • Hydrogen, Hydrogen anneal, Hydrogen diffusion, hydrogen flow
  • HCl, hydrogen chloride etch, hydrogen chloride oxidation
  • HF, hydrogen fluoride etching solution
  • NH4F ammonium fluoride etching solution
  • Hydrophobic surface
  • HMDS, HMDS spin coating, HMDS adhesion promoter
  • Hyperabrupt junction diodes, Hyperabrupt profile, Hyperabrupt Schottky diodes
  • Image reversal photoresist
  • Implant, Implanted resistors
  • Impurity concentration, impurity diffusion, impurity gradient, impurity profile, impurity redistribution
  • Index of refraction
  • In-situ etching, in-situ doping, in-situ cleaning
  • Integrated circuit process sequence
  • Interconnections,single metal interconnections, double metal interconnections
  • Interstital
  • Intrinsic carrier concentration, intrinsic gettering
  • Iodine, Iodine etch, KI solution
  • Ion dose, Ion implant, ion implantation, ion implant activation, ion implant doping profile, implant dose, ion implantation
  • Ion implanted JFET
  • Ion implanted buried layer, Ion implanted collector, ion implanted base, ion implanted emitter
  • Ion implanted source, Ion implanted Drain
  • Ion implanted resistor
  • IPA, IPA dry, Isopropyl alcohol
  • Iron
  • Iron oxide film, iron oxide deposition, iron oxide masks
  • ISO 9000 compliance, ISO 9000 compliant
  • Isolation, isolation diffusion, isolation mask
  • JFET, J-FET diffused
  • Junction curvature, junction delineation, junction diffusion, junction depth, junction formation, junction isolation, junction lag, junction staining
  • Junction diode, junction field effect transistor
  • K, see potasium
  • KOH, KOH etch, KOH anisotropic etch, KOH silicon etch
  • KTFR, see negative resist, negative photoresist
  • Laminar flow, laminar flow hood
  • Laser, Laser annealing, laser drilling, laser cutting, laser machining,laser trim of thin film resistors
  • Lateral diffusion, lateral spread
  • Lateral p-n-p transistor, lateral PNP transistors
  • Lifetime
  • Lift-off process
  • Linear oxidation rate constant
  • LiNbO3 process
  • Layout design
  • Loading effect
  • Local oxidation, LOCOS, Locally oxidized transistor
  • Low reverse gain transistors
  • LPCVD epitaxial deposition, LPCVD epitaxial process
  • LPCVD nitride deposition, LPCVD nitride process
  • LPCVD oxide deposition, LPCVD oxide process
  • LPCVD Polysilicon deposition, LPCVD Polysilicon process
  • Low pressure chemical vapor deposition
  • Low pressure reactor
  • Magnetron
  • Mask, mask design, mask manufacturing,manufacturing borosilicate mask, chrome mask, low reflectivity chrome mask, e-beam mask, emulsion mask, iron oxide mask, see through mask, silicon mask, sodalime glass mask, master mask, reticle, working mask
  • Mask alignment, mask alignment keys
  • Masking
  • Mass flow controller
  • Measurement, 4pp measurement, sheet resistance measurement, thickness measurement, refractive index measurement
  • Measurement of resistivity
  • MEMS, MEMS contract fabrication, MEMS process development, MEMS wafer foundry
  • Mesa etch, mesa isolation
  • Metallization and Lift-off, multi-layer metallization, single-layer metallization, multi-level metallization, single-level metallization
  • Metal, Metals deposition, metal films, metal etch, metal mask, metal patterning
  • Metal oxides, metal nitrides, metal silicides
  • Metalorganic
  • Metals refractory
  • Metal Oxide Semiconductor, MOS, MOS transistor, MOSFET
  • Metal semiconductor junction, Schottky barrier diode
  • Military standard, MIL 883
  • MNOS transistors
  • Mobility
  • Molecular beam epitaxy
  • Mo, Molybdenum, Molybdenum deposition, molybdenum sputtering, molybdenum film, molybdenum etch, molybdenum gate, molybdenum metallization, molybdenum interconnection layer
  • MOS capacitor, MOS devices, MOS transistor
  • Multi-emitter transistor, multiple diodes, multiple implants
  • Narrow slot, diffusion
  • N-channel transistor
  • Nitrogen annealing,nitrogen flow
  • NMOS
  • Non volatile memory
  • NPN transistor
  • n+ - p - n+ transistor
  • Ohmic contact, ohmic contacts to silicon, ohmic contacts to silicides
  • Optical mask, optical printing, optical printer
  • Optoelectronic application, optoelectronic devices
  • Organometalic
  • Orientation of silicon, orientation effects
  • Overetch
  • Oxidation, oxidation rate, Oxidation-induced stacking faults, oxidation tube, oxidation furnace
  • Oxide deposition, oxide etch, oxide isolation, oxide isolated
  • Oxide color chart, oxide masking properties, oxide growth rate, oxide isolation
  • Oxygen, oxygen plasma,oxygen flow
  • Pad oxide and silicon nitride deposition, bird beak and bird crest
  • Palladium, Palladium deposition, Palladium sputtering, Palladium film, Palladium etch, Palladium metallization, Palladium silicide
  • Parabolic oxidation rate constant
  • Parasitic capacitance, parasitic junction
  • Partial pressure
  • Paper less
  • Passive components
  • Pattern, pattern delineation, pattern generation, pattern shift, pattern distorsion
  • P-channel JFET,p-channel transistor
  • Pd, Palladium, Palladium deposition, Palladium sputtering, Palladium film, Palladium etch, Palladium metallization, Palladium silicide
  • PECVD see plasma enhnced chemical vapor deposition, PECVD Nitride deposition, PECVD Oxide deposition, PECVD amorphous silicon deposition
  • Penetration depth, ion implant depth
  • Peritectic reaction
  • Permalloy
  • Permeability
  • Phosphoric acid etch of silicon nitride, Phosphoric acid and aluminum etch, H3PO4
  • Phosphorus, Phosphorus diffusion, Phosphorus ion implant, Phosphorus doped silicon,Phosphorus doped glass
  • Phosphosilicate glass
  • Photolithography
  • Photoresist, photoresist coating, photoresist masking, negative photoresist, positive photoresist, photoresist removal, photoresist strip, photoresist ashing, photoresist develop, photoresist expose, photoresist soft bake, photoresist hard bake, photoresist adhesion, photoresist UV flood exposure, photoresist image reversal
  • Pinch off voltage
  • Pinch resistor
  • Planar process, planar technology, planar junction, planar reactor, planar plasma etch reactor, planarization
  • Plasma, plasma anodization, plasma ashing, plasma assisted etching, plasma etch, plasma etching, plasma clean,plasma reactor
  • Plasma Enhanced chemical vapor deposition, see PECVD, Nitride deposition, PECVD Oxide deposition, PECVD amorphous silicon deposition
  • Plating, plated gold, plated copper, plated silver, plating solution
  • Platinum, see Pt, Platinum deposition, Platinum sputtering, Platinum film, Platinum etch, Platinum metallization, Platinum silicide
  • pn junction
  • PNP transistor
  • Polycrystaline silicon
  • Polishing, Polishing etch, polished wafers, polished ceramic, polished silicon, polished quartz wafers, polished glass wafers
  • Polymide
  • Polysilicon emitter, Polysilicon deposition, Polysilicon sputter deposition, Polysilicon oxidation, Polysilicon doping, Polysilicon etching, Polysilicon anisotropic plasma etching, LPCVD undoped polysilicon deposition, Polysilicon gate, Polysilicon growth
  • Positive resist, positive photoresist
  • Printing, contact printing, optical printing, projection printing, proximity printing, printing defects
  • Process control, process development, process flow, process run sheet, process run traveller, process work sheet
  • Projected range and ion implantantion
  • Projection printing
  • Proximity printing
  • PSG, see Phosphorus doped glass
  • Pt, see Platinum, Platinum deposition, Platinum sputtering, Platinum film, Platinum etch, Platinum metallization, Platinum silicide
  • Purple plague and gold aluminum intermetallics
  • Pyrogenic oxidation process, Pyrogenic oxide
  • Quality, Quality audit, Quality manual, Quality system
  • Quartz, Quartz boat, Quartz deposition, quartz mask, Quartz polishing, Quartz tube, Quartz substrate, Quartz wafer
  • R&D, R&D contract, R&D facility, R&D support, R&D WAFER FOUNDRY, R&D wafer foundry
  • Radial resistivity
  • Ramping rate
  • Reactive ion etching, see RIE
  • Reactive sputtering
  • Reactor, barrel reactor, low pressure reactor, planar reactor, tunnel reactor
  • Refractive index measurement
  • Refractory metals
  • Reflow methode, reflow of doped oxide, reflow of photoresist
  • Registration between mask layers
  • Reliability, reliable metallization, reliable process
  • Research and development contract, Research and development facility, Research and development support, Research and development WAFER FOUNDRY, Research and development wafer foundry
  • Residual film stress
  • Resist, see photoresist
  • Resistance
  • Resistor, resistors, diffused resistors, implanted resistors, thin film resistors, pinch resistors, resistor trim
  • Resistivity, resistivity measurement, resistivity versus temperature, see TCR
  • Reticle, reticle mask, see also mask stepper
  • RF magnetron, RF plasma etch
  • RIE, see reactive ion etching also
  • Rsq, sheet resistance measurement
  • Run sheet
  • Run traveller
  • Sapphire, Sapphire substrate, Sapphire polishing, Sapphire diceing
  • Saw, sawing, sawing process, sawing service
  • Scribe line, scribing
  • Sealed junction technology
  • Selective epitaxy, selective etching
  • Se, Selenium
  • Self aligned gate process, self alignment, self aligning methode
  • Self isolated transistor, self isolation
  • Semiconductor, semiconductor components, semiconductor equipment, semiconductor processing, semiconductor services
  • Semi-insulating
  • Shallow diffusion, shallow junction, shallow implant, shallow impurities
  • Silane, SiH4
  • SiC, silicon carbide, silicon carbide deposition
  • SiCr, sichrome films, sichrome deposition
  • SiN, Si3N4
  • Silica glass, silica etch, see oxide etch
  • Silicon components
  • Silicon integrated circuits
  • SiO2, SiO, SiOxNy, SIPOS
  • Silicide etch, silicide growth, silicide oxidation, silicide properties
  • Silicides, Ti, Ta, Pt, Mo
  • Silicon dioxide, Silicon dioxide etch, Silicon dioxide plasma etch, Silicon dioxide deposition
  • Silicon nitride, silicon nitride deposition, silicon nitride etch rate, silicon nitride film properties, silicon nitride refractive index
  • Silicon anisotropic etches, see KOH etch and plasma anisotropic etch of silicon and polysilicon
  • Silicon annealing, silicon anodization, silicon cleaning, silicon cleaving, silicon crystalographic etches, silicon etch rates
  • Silicon polishing etches
  • Silicon denuded zone formation
  • Silicon dioxide, SiO2, Silicon dioxide etch, Silicon dioxide film, Silicon dioxide growth, Silicon dioxide deposition
  • Silicon dioxide reactive sputter deposition, Silicon dioxide PECVD deposition, Silicon dioxide LPCVD deposition
  • Silicon dioxide refractive index, Silicon dioxide color chart, Silicon dioxide dielectric properties, Silicon dioxide plasma etch
  • Silicon dioxide anisotropic plasma etch, Silicon dioxide BOE etch, Silicon dioxide BHF etch
  • Silicon nitride, SiN, SixNy, Si3N4, Silicon nitride, SiO2, Silicon nitride etch, Silicon nitride film, Silicon nitride growth, Silicon nitride deposition, Silicon nitride reactive sputter deposition, Silicon nitride PECVD deposition, Silicon dnitride LPCVD deposition
  • Silicon nitride refractive index, Silicon nitride color chart, Silicon nitride dielectric properties, Silicon nitride plasma etch
  • Silicon nitride anisotropic plasma etch, Silicon nitride H3PO4 etch, Silicon nitride phosphoric acid etch, Silicon nitride HF etch
  • Silicon on sapphire
  • Silicon oxynitride
  • Silver deposition, Silver bump, Silver films, Silver etch, Silver electroplating, Silver sputtering
  • Schottky, Schottky barrier diodes, Schottky barrier junction, Schottky contacts, Schottky defects, Schottky clamp diodes, Schottky cleaning, Schottky films, Hyperabrupt Schottky diodes
  • Schottky clamped process
  • Sheet resistance measurement, base sheet resistance, emitter sheet resistance, epi layer sheet resistance
  • Sn see tin deposition
  • SnO2 see tin oxide deposition
  • SnPb 60-40 see tin-lead deposition
  • Sodium gettering, sodium passivation
  • Solid solubility
  • SOS transistors, SOS process
  • Sorce - drain contacts, Sorce - drain layout, Sorce - drain diffusion, Sorce - drain implant
  • SPC, see statistic process control
  • Sputter cleaning
  • sputter deposition
  • Sputtering, sputtering yields
  • Sputtered films, sputtered aluminum, sputtered aluminum nitride, sputtered copper, sputtered chrome, sputterd gold, sputtered iron oxide, sputtered molybdenum, sputtered nickel, sputtered nickel - chrome, sputtered nickel - vanadium, sputtered silicon, sputtered silicon nitride, sputtered silver, sputtered tin, sputtered tin oxide, sputtered tin lead, sputtered titanium, sputtered tantalum, sputtered tantalum silicide, sputtered tantalum nitride, sputtered tungsten, sputtered zirconium
  • Stacking fault method, Stacking faults, Stacking fault etch
  • Statistic process control
  • Steam oxidation
  • Step coverage
  • Step junction
  • Step and repeat
  • Stepper
  • Stirring
  • Stress
  • Substrate holder,
  • Sulfur hexafluoride plasma etch
  • Superbeta transistors
  • Surface barriers metal semiconductor, surface charge, surface resistivity
  • Surface concentration, surface inversion, surface mobility, surface reflectivity
  • Susceptor
  • Ta, Tantalum, Tantalum deposition, Tantalum sputtering, Tantalum film, Tantalum etch, Tantalum metallization, Tantalum silicide
  • TaN, Tantalum Nitride deposition, Tantalum Nitride sputtering, Tantalum Nitride film, Tantalum Nitride etch
  • Tantalum Nitride Thin film resistors
  • TaSi2, Tantalum Silicide deposition, Tantalum Silicide sputtering, Tantalum Silicide film, Tantalum Silicide etch
  • Tantalum Silicide thin film resistors
  • Ta TiW Au
  • TaN TiW Au
  • Te, Tellurium deposition, .........
  • Thermocompression bonding
  • Thin film resistors deposition, thin film resistors plasma etch, thin film resistors lift-off process, thin film resistors patterning
  • Thin film resistors stabilization process, thin film resistors annealing process, thin film resistors process
  • Ti, Titanium, titanium deposition, titanium etch, titanium silicide, titanium silicidation
  • TiN, titanium nitride deposition, titanium nitride properties, titanium nitride wet etch, titanium nitride plasma etch
  • TiW, titanium-tungsten deposition, titanium-tungsten properties, titanium-tungsten wet etch, titanium-tungsten plasma etch
  • Ti Ni Ag
  • Ti NiV Ag
  • Ti Pd Au
  • Ti Pt Au
  • TiW Au
  • TiW TiWNx TiW Au
  • TCR, see thermal coefficient of resistance
  • Thermal coefficient of resistance
  • Thermal oxide, thermal oxidation, thermal anneal, thermal processing, thermal treatment
  • Thin film deposition, thin film sputter deposition, thin film sputtering deposition, thin film devices, thin film resistors
  • Thickness measurement
  • Threshold voltage
  • Transistor, bipolar transistor, emitter ballasted transistor, field effect transistor, low reverse gain transistor, MOS transistor, multi-emitter transistor, self-isolated transistor, superbeta transistor, NPN transistor, PNP transistor, lateral PNP transistor, vertical NPN transistor, vertical PNP transistor, TMOS transistor, Triply diffused transistor
  • Triply diffused process
  • Tube, tube cleaning, diffusion tube cleaning
  • Tungsten,W, tungsten sputtering deposition, tungsten etch, tungsten silicide, tungsten silicidation
  • Tungsten nitride, WNx, tungsten nitride deposition, tungsten nitride reactive sputtering deposition, tungsten nitride properties, tungsten nitride wet etch, tungsten nitride plasma etch
  • Tunnel reactor
  • Twin tabs, twin diffusion tabs
  • Two-step diffusion
  • Ultasonic bonding
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Undercut
  • Universal constants
  • UV exposure, UV flood exposure
  • V/I, 4pp measurement of V/I
  • Van der Pauw, Van der Pauw measurement, Van der Pauw structure design
  • Vapor dry in IPA, IPA dry, Isopropyl alcohol vapor dry
  • Vendor, vendor quality system audit
  • VMOS
  • Vertical NPN transistors
  • Vertical PNP transistors
  • Vertical reactor
  • Voltage breakdown, BVcbo, BVceo, BVebo, BVsd, BVgd
  • W, tungsten, W PtSi Si
  • Wafer bumping process, services
  • Wafer cleaning procedures
  • Wafer dicing
  • WAFER FOUNDRY, WAFER FOUNDRYrication, wafer process, wafer processing
  • Wafer foundry
  • Wafer thinning, wafer thinning process, wafer thinning procedure
  • Washout, washout emitter, emitter washout process
  • Water, DI water, deionised water, high resistivity water
  • Wet etch, wet etching, wet anisotropic etch
  • Wet oxide, wet oxidation process
  • Work in progress, WIP
  • Work sheet
  • Working mask
  • X-ray printing
  • Yield, Yield enhancement, Yield specification
  • Zinc, Zn
  • ZnO, zinc oxide
  • Zr, Zirconium
  • Zenner diodes
  • Zero bias diode, ZBD

A die is a small block of semiconductor material, ceramic or glass on which a given circuit function is fabricated. Many dice are manufactured in large batches at the same time on a substrate or wafer in a series of successive photolithographic processes. Upon completion of the manufacturing process, the substrates or wafers are diced in many die. Substrate or wafer singulation also referred as dicing or sawing process is final critical step in bare die manufacturing process. Our company has undertaken the task to redesign and manufacture the future semiconductor and thin film bare die components. Our bare die TECHNOLOGIES are used in assembly of hybrid circuits and are compatible with chip and wire, flip chip, chip scale CSP and surface mount technologies SMD. In today's extreme miniaturization market, there is no more room for the large packages to protect the die. It means that the bare die has to survive on its own without the protection of a package. Known Good Die concept is no longer satisfactory if the die cannot withstand harsh environmental conditions and degrades. The solution developed by our company for known good die for bare die applications is gold interconnection and gold terminations and well-engineered materials that further enhance the die reliability. Our company designs and manufactures standard and custom semiconductor and thin film components for bio-medical, wireless telecommunications, optoelectronics, computing, industrial, military and space and satellite applications. TECHNOLOGIES is a product line of US Microwaves, usmicrowaves.com, . WAFER FOUNDRY SERVICES is manufacturer of high reliability microwave integrated circuits  MIC technology. WAFER FOUNDRY SERVICES offers a multitude of applied thin film TECHNOLOGIES and microwave semiconductor devices: manufactures and supplies high quality standard microwave thin film circuits and microwave devices using advanced technical ceramics and semiconductor materials; WAFER FOUNDRY SERVICES include RF micro devices  for hybrid chip and wire applications; microwave thin film circuits, custom manufacturing from customer's data, spiral chip inductors - ceramic, sapphire and quartz substrate, thin film resistors - ceramic, silicon and quartz substrates, multi-tap thin film resistors - ceramic and silicon substrates, capacitors MIS for chip and wire applications, MNOS capacitors, MOS capacitors, ceramic capacitors, Schottky diodes, PIN diodes, tunnel diodes, SRD diodes, varactor diodes and zero bias diodes, RF NPN and PNP bipolar transistors, high speed LDMOS , VDMOS and T MOSFET s, MMIC - RF IC s silicon and SiGe. TECHNOLOGIES is a product line of SmxSemi, smxsemi.com . WAFER FOUNDRY SERVICES, Designs and manufactures standard and custom bipolar and MOS analog devices, semiconductors, analog integrated circuits, discrete components for high performance systems such as cellular/wireless, video amplifiers, heart pacemakers and medical imaging systems. Standard semiconductor components are designed and manufactured for space, medical, telecommunications and military applications only. Company's technology road map is including SiGe epi devices for high speed RF bipolars and high speed fiber optic and optoelectronic applications. As an analog devices and ASIC analog design and manufacturing house, TECHNOLOGIES produces a series of semi-custom bipolar analog devices in arrays that are customized by designing a specific metal interconnection mask. The arrays contain a large number of undedicated active and passive components, i.e. transistors, diodes, resistors, capacitors, MOSFET s, LDMOS, photodiodes, phototransistors, etc. Since wafers are stocked before the metal mask, the custom IC development phase is shorter and far less expensive compared to conventional full custom ICs. Customers may provide own analog design. Optoelectronic components: photodiodes, photodiodes arrays, phototransistors, position sensing devices, optocouplers, optoisolators, photodarlington, high voltage phototransistors output, Schottky infrared detectors. Discrete semiconductors: Schottky diodes, Zenner diodes, TVS, small signal bipolar transistors, high voltage bipolar transistors, matched pair bipolar transistors, small signal JFET s and MOSFET s, MCT (MOS controlled tyristors), IGBT. TECHNOLOGIES is a product line of Semiconwell, semiconwell.com . WAFER FOUNDRY SERVICES designs and manufacture standard and custom Integrated Passive Networks - IPN for the personal computer, telecommunications, industrial controls, automotive, avionics. The Integrated Passive Networks are a sum of resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes and schottky diodes and are available in through hole and surface mounted packages. SEMICONWELL is supplying integrated termination, filters and ESD protection for use in mobile phones, PDAs, personal computers, notebooks, routers, hubs, internet appliances. Standard Devices - Most standard devices include resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes and schottky diodes networks and are inventoried by the designated part numbers and can be ordered on line, from factory or from distributors. Custom Devices - Custom IPN (Integrated Passive Networks) are manufactured from customer's prints upon request. TECHNOLOGIES WAFER FOUNDRYrication is handled by HTE Labs that provides Wafer Foundry, R&D support and Specialty WAFER FOUNDRY Processing to customers from semiconductors and microelectronics industry. Wafer foundry includes the following processes: 20V, 45V, 75V, 25V super-beta and high voltage dielectric isolated bipolar process. R&D support is provided in the following fields of microelectronics: thin film active and passive components technologies, flip chip technology (TiW/Cu/Cu/SnPb), sensor technologies (inertial, pressure, temperature, gas and smoke detectors), optoelectronic technologies and components, discrete and integrated circuits technology development for special applications, LiNbO3 applications like SAW, Ti diffused, light wave guides and Mach-Zender light modulators. Specialty WAFER FOUNDRY processing: epitaxy, SiGe, epi, diffusion and oxidation, ion implant, LPCVD and PECVD Si3N4, SiO2, platinum silicidation, photo-lithography, plasma etching, silicon micro-machining by KOH anisotropic etch, sputter depositions of Ti/Ni/Ag lift off process, Ti/Pt/Au lift off process, sputter depositions of thin film resistors : SiCr, NiCr, TaN2, silicon wafers back grind and polish followed by trimetal backside sputter depositions, gold backside sputter depositions and alloy : gold electroplating and gold bump.